Sunday, 29 July 2012


The day has finally come!!!

Good bye Brisbane & Hola South America!

Stay posted for some Chilean dramas! Videos to come. 

Leis & Anni x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Family! We love you!

It will be tricky saying our farewells to these wonderful faces on Saturday.. Thank the Lord for skype!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Garage Sale!

So we've officially said goodbye to our dear share house and all gone our separate ways. But not without.. selling all our hoarded goods! FREE MONEY!!!

One pocket-sized feisty asian woman bought pretty much all our furniture, unashamedly explaining how she'll then sell it with a hefty price increase in her shop. Sounds good to me lady. FREE MONEY!

One bird wanted to buy a standing lamp from me, I offered up five bucks thinking maybe I was being a bit steep. She gasped.
Lady: "FIVE dollars?! How much did you buy that for??"
Me: "Uhh.. I can't remember"
Lady: "That's a GREAT bargain! I'll take it!"

Thing is.. I got it for free! FREE MONEY!

All in all, twas a success of a day.. (Please Leisl don't get mad about the five dollars).

Love Anni

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Whirlwind trip to Kampong Cham

Sua s'dei!

So I have just made a short visit to Cambodia to capture footage for JC Epidemic, and thought I would post some photographs! Even though I went on my lonesome this time, I was dreaming the whole time of being on similar ventures with Leis.

Cambodia is certainly one amazing country. I have never experienced such colours & smells. The poverty is overwhelming, but all along the Cambodian people were never short of a smile. Beautiful people whom I hope to meet again.

Love Annika

This was a bridge made entirely of bamboo. Trucks and horses and scooters were all zipping over it!

This little thing was a cheeky one! She had so much attitude! But also rotten teeth..

Greetings! Sorry for not donating. I don't believe in that chubby golden Buddha guy.

I came across this madame creeping around the temple ruins. She was lovely.. but had red liquid oozing from her teeth. Eek! Needless to say I bid my adieu and fled! (After snapping a couple shots, of course).
Joyous peeps always smiling at me!

The power couple zipping around, being cool guys.

This is my amazing farja! Thank you for protecting me. 6.4ft tall is especially tall in Asia.. 
Erica, the inspirational woman herself! She belongs here.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Getting to Know You...

So, we are expecting to learn a bundle of things about each other on this trip. We may currently live, travel & work in the same locations (it's true!) but I think we aren't so naive as to assume that we all ready know exactly what we are in for when it comes spending countless, days, weeks & months in each others company.

Tonight we decided to try and think of something insightful to share with the other that perhaps they didn't already know. I learnt that Annika loves monkeys...but that she has narrowed her love of this animal down to 'tiny monkeys' & chimps (speaking of chimps, if you ever get the chance to ask Anni to do her chimp impression, you won't be disappointed)!

Anni discovered, through experience, that I can't stand it when someone eats only half of something and then skiddadles before finishing the last bite! I currently have half a nibbled cookie sitting on it's lonesome on my bench ...awaiting her return.
My bouquet of choice would be sunflowers, the brighter the better, and Anni's pick LITERALLY would be white roses. Please take note gentlemen.

I'm not sure how vital this knowledge will be for each of us on the trip, but I'm extremely curious to find out!

I know we will learn & discover new qualities in one another that will enhance our friendship, and of course we will discover some not-so-lovable traits. ;) Ready for both with a whole lota love (& I'm sure forgiveness as needed!) plus laughter at the ready.

Leis x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tip #1: Vaccinations

For those of you interested & anyone needing to get vaccines for their upcoming adventure, we went to the Travel Doctor located in Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD.

It cost us around $70 each for a consultation with the travel doctor & then you pay a Nurse Fee which was around $11 each. On top of these costs you pay for each vaccine you are needing for the countries you are heading to. The consultation with the travel Dr is to talk through what is recommended & what is compulsory for where you are heading.

Our Nurse Pauline was lovely & very helpful with info on medical supplies we may need on our trip. Alas, the only downside was that we didn't get offered jelly beans after the jabs!

Hope this is helpful!

Leis x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Immunise the body!

Good morning!

And what a better way to start a sunny Saturday than with a few jabs of immunise-y goodness! Leis and I should now be strong and ready for whatever rogue mosquito, poop-hand handled food, or rabies-ravished monkey we meet in South America. Brilliantè!

Must now go and cradle my wounds ... & maybs eat a cupcake.

Anni x